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Caddick Construction completes Flagship Dairy for Arla Foods

Dairy for Arla Foods

Caddick Construction has recently completed the 720, 920 sq. ft. flagship dairy development for Arla Foods Ltd in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

The main dairy (624,080 sq. ft.) which is a steel frame building with specialist high thermal performance camouflage cladding incorporates specialised hygienic resin based flooring, hygienic white wall thermal panelling specifically produced for the food industry, stainless steel kerbs to all production areas, specialist hygienic mastics and hygienic internally cleaned ductwork within process area.

Construction of the main dairy were completed using techniques which a kin to hospital construction techniques.

The new Arla development also comprises an energy efficient state of the art office building with high quality finish pre cast concrete frame with state of the art composite elevations and large expanses of glass and exposed concrete.

The development is also self-sufficient with its own anaerobic digestion building which generates energy for the site through use of Arla’s waste.