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Caddick Construction Offers A Helping Hand

Knottingley based Caddick Construction has been putting students from The Purston E-Act Academy through their paces to help prepare them for a real job interview situation.

Caddick Construction recently conducted 30 minute one-to-one mock interviews with a group of year 11 students at The Purston E-Act Academy who expressed an interest in working in the construction industry. The real-life interview scenario will provide the students with the confidence and experience to develop their interview skills for future career prospects.

Prospects Services is delivering additional work in The Purston E-Act Academy to support students who have been identified as being at risk of entering a job without training; part of this work includes involving employers to promote the benefits of continuing in learning and preparing young people for a successful transition.

Kate Sherwood, Employment and Skills Coordinator at Caddick Construction, said: “As a local business we’re keen to help in any way we can with the development of young talent in Pontefract. The students performed extremely well and I’m sure this experience will provide them with grounding for future interviews.”

Tanya Taylor, Personal Advisor at Prospects Wakefield comments: “Both Prospects Services and The Purston E-Act Academy greatly appreciate the support Caddick is providing to the young people concerned.”